Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Happy Camper Conundrum

The topic for today is: Camping.

Let me tell you kids, when I was hanging out in the desert, I never settled for very long in one place.

I always had to pack up what little worldly possessions I had (my sandals, my menorah, my tunic, perhaps a goat-skin bag full of water) and schlep them to the next desert town.

And so what confuses me is people who do this today and then refer to it as a vacation.

They leave the comfort of their homes (something I never knew—thanks, Dad!) and voluntary drag all their tchotkes to some remote area.

“Hmm, let’s see what would be a nice way to take a break from work and get away from it all. I know, let’s drag a bunch of stuff to some dirt, unpack it, sit around, then pack it all up again at night. And let’s do that for seven days! Woo-hoo!”

And then they are referred to as “happy campers.” Oy vey.

Now perhaps this is an effort for people to reconnect with nature. I get that; my Pops has made some fairly interesting things in that regard.

But may I suggest perhaps going for a nice walk? Because reproducing your living and kitchen in the dirt just seems a little meshuggah to me.

But what do I know? I didn’t have much choice.



  1. But it is fun to play in the dirt sometimes - especially when you do not have to:)

  2. Hey, JC, not sure how close you follow my blog, but I tagged you at Writes Phillipia. You can earn an award if you'd like:)

  3. Dear Jesus,

    I, myself, am a camping aficionado. However, there's really more to it than just dragging around your kitchen and playing in the dirt. The whole idea is to sit around a campfire making s'mores and swigging tequila and melting things in the fire to make new graven images. I think your deadbeat parent(s) led you astray on that one... you definitely were deprived as a child.


  4. JC asked me to pass this along to you:
    "Thank you for the kind feedback, my children. Phillipia, I will definitely check out your blog. I have been busy lately because of baseball season. Watch the players point to me every time they get a hit, and you will know what I mean. They really demand a lot of my attention. CatLady, your camping experience does truly sound heavenly. My own experience, however, involved turning water into wine (Oy, what was I thinking?) and then you should have seen the kind of illicit behavior that ensued. It was like an episode of "True Blood." As far as being deprived as a child...don't get me started.